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Making books keeps us on the move. In recent months, we have travelled a great deal internationally to realize and promote exciting new titles. We have immersed ourselves in the contemporary art scene, talked to art-ists, curators, and critics, and addressed fu-ture developments. This intensive personal commitment is of fundamental importance to us as a publishing house. For what makes high-quality books so indispensable in a world in which art is accessible online at all times? We are convinced that it is the pub-lisher’s task to provide orientation and cre-ate something lasting —by making informed choices and capturing that which is worth holding on to in printed, bound, and sensually tangible form. We will continue to do this with solicitous devotion.


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Twisted bodies, nerve paths, mental maps, dreamcatchers

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...the magical biomorphic works of Brazilian artist Sonia Gomes From 12 October, 2019 to 8 March, 2020 Museum Frieder Burda Baden-Baden presents the first solo show at an European institution…

Numerous New Books

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You’ll be surprised! Visit us at the Frankfurt Book Fair, browse through our fall titles, and get to know our new publisher Uta Grosenick personally. We would also be pleased…